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100% FairWear I Organic cotton I Printed in Hamburg Close

Don't stress.
You are loved.

🪞💛 The Mirrored Collection

A fashion statement for your soul.

Did you know that we are looking at ourselves in a mirror 40+ times a day?

Brushing your teeth. Meeting on Zoom. Taking a selfie.

What if each of these moments would be an opportunity to remind us …

… that we are loved.

The Mirrored Collection

We all need a reminder.


"Wonderful materials. It makes me feel so special wearing this shirt."


"Surprised my wife with a shirt … the moment she looked in the mirror she felt deeply loved and accepted. ❤️ Very powerful experience!"

Business Consultant

"I don't wear clothing with any kind of printing on it … but I gave this a try. Turns out that the mirrored BELOVED hoodie has become my favorite piece of clothing."

Sarah H.
Twin Mum

"I love your colours ... And the shirt helped me to remember that I am loved, after I was bullied by my classmates."

Fara 🤗
Age 8

"I guess there are a million different motto shirts. This has become MY ONE. It inspires me in a very personal way to make the most out of my day."

Michael L.
Software engineer

"I love the sweatshirts. They are so cozy and look so beautiful. I am ordering another one, because you can't be reminded too often that you're really, really, really loved."

Inga W.
Visual artist & Psychologist
About usDream. Design. Repeat.

One night we woke up from a special dream.

What if there would be a different kind of fashion brand?

One that would serve a higher purpose than "dress to impress".

As a family of four, we embarked on an adventure to launch a "startup" …

… manufacturing fair & organic clothing that reminds all of us that WE ARE BELOVED.

Learn more about our mission

🎹 You are wonderfully made. Watch our teaser.

Handmade for you

Please note that it can take up to 4 days after your order, before individually manufactured garments are ready to ship.

Easy does it

We support popular payment tools and offer standard shipping rates. Free delivery in Germany for orders exceeding 80€.

Love or return

If you are unsure which item to choose send us a message. Any unwanted clothing can be returned within 30 days.