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About us was founded by independent German designers Annabel & Johannes Schubert.

We seek to elevate your everyday experience by creating meaningful products with high quality materials.

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🪞What if there was a fashion statement that didn't seek to impress anyone other than the person you see in the mirror?

Behind the collectionTell me everything that matters. In seven letters.

"One of the tragedies of our life is that we keep forgetting who we are." – Henri Nouwen

The MIRRORED collection invites us to turn down the noise and listen to the silent voice of our creator.

Every time we look into a mirror, the reflected characters remind us of our eternal value.

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MIRRORED collection

This is your reminder.


The jumpers are so cozy and look so beautiful. I'm ordering another one, because we can't be reminded often enough that we're really, really loved.


There are a million kind of motto shirts. This is the one that inspires me in the most personal way to make the most out of my day.

Software engineer

These carefully designed shirts talk about the greatest mystery of life – without any cliché.




We all carry different labels yet together we are God's Beloved. What a statement.

Retired teacher

I would like to order a T-shirt for myself and one for my little brother, ok?

Founder's daughter

Good to know

Organic cotton. Premium feel.
Organic cotton. Premium feel.

All shirts are made of GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified cotton.

Timeless design. Majestic printing quality.
Timeless design. Majestic printing quality.

Please wash and iron on left to maximize longevity.

Gift wrap included.
Gift wrap included.

Because you deserve it. 😘

🎹 Watch our teaser – Lyrics & music by Rian Toda

Handmade for you

Please note that it can occasionally take up to 9 days after your order, before individually manufactured garments are ready to ship.

Easy does it

We offer all popular payment tools and standard shipping rates. Free delivery within Germany if your order exceeds 80€.

Love or return.

Please return unwanted items within 30 days. Or even better, why not treat a good friend to a brand new shirt.